Freezing reclaim

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Freezing reclaim

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Expert Help Available In Store. To apply Reclaim IT, you will need either a hose-end sprayer, handheld pump sprayer, backpack sprayer, or spray rig. For small household jobs, we recommend a handheld 1-gallon pump sprayer or a 4-gallon backpack sprayer. Step 1: First, measure the square footage of the area you will be treating to determine the mix rate.

Reclaim can be mixed between 0. For general pest applications we recommend 1 fl.

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Divide your square footage by 1, to get the amount of spray you will need to use. For example, if you have 3, sq. Add the remaining amount of water to your sprayer, then shake well to mix. For crack-and-crevice spraying, use a pin-stream nozzle setting to get precision spraying.

For broadcast spraying, surface spraying, or perimeter treatment, use a fan nozzle spray setting to get uniform coverage. Indoors, it can be used around baseboards, cabinets, windows, doors, and in other crack-and-crevice areas.

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For most areas of the country, this is between March and October. You will want to spray every days depending on rain and pest severity.

Reclaim should kill pests in days and prevent future infestations for up to 90 days. Be sure to wear proper PPE when applying long-sleeved clothing, socks, shoes, and chemical-resistant gloves.

Keep pets and people away from treated areas until dry. Shake the bottle well before using. Because of this, we recommend that anything you mix up be used on the same day. Get all the latest information on Solutions products, deals, and events. Sign up for our newsletter today! We ask all customers to practice social distancing.

Orders will be processed on a first come first serve basis. You can place your order and we will contact you with an expected timeline to ship.

Store Finder. Live Chat. Cart 0 Item s You have no items in your shopping cart. Pest Control Pest Control. Pest Control Resources.

freezing reclaim

Need Help? Lawn Care. Lawn Care Resources. Home Reclaim IT Insecticide. Product was successfully added to your shopping cart.

Reclaim IT Insecticide. Add to Cart. It does not stain and does not have an odor.Lithium-ion batteriesalso known as Li-on batteries, are rechargeable batteries, making them a good choice for all types of electronic devices, from laptops to camcorders.

freezing reclaim

The advantages of lithium-ion batteries over NiCad batteries and NiMH batteries are higher capacity, lower self discharge and a higher number of charge cycles before problems develop. Before you dispose of a lithium-ion battery that appears to have died, try bringing it back to life first.

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Turn off the power source to the appliance containing your battery and remove the battery. Take a voltage reading with your voltmeter. Lithium-ion batteries may go into sleep mode if you drain the battery too much. For example if your battery is rated at 3. Some battery chargers and analyzers have a "wake up," "recovery" or "boost" feature designed to wake a sleeping battery.

This isn't always successful, and you shouldn't attempt it with batteries that have been below 1. Insert your battery, taking care to insert it in the correct polarity. Take another voltage reading of the battery around a minute after being on "wake up," or alternatively check your charger's manual to see when the process should be complete.

Remember that sometimes reviving a battery will not work, so you might just have to buy a new battery if this isn't successful. Return the battery into the lithium-ion charger and give it a full charge, which should take around 3 hours depending on what type of Li-ion battery you are reconditioning. Some chargers automatically progress from recovery mode to charging, so on these devices you can just leave the battery in place throughout.

Next, discharge the Li-ion battery again in a device that is going to put a heavy load on the battery, like an LED flashlight. Seal the Li-ion battery in an airtight bag and put it in the freezer for about 24 hours, ensuring there is no moisture in the bag that could get the battery wet. When you take it out of the freezer, let it thaw for up to eight hours to restore it to room temperature. Place the Li-ion battery in the charger and charge it fully.

Hopefully, its performance will improve, it will take a charge again and last longer between charge cycles. The electrolyte inside a Li-ion battery is flammable and the cell itself pressurized. Always wear safety glasses when working with batteries. Claire is a writer and editor with 18 years' experience.

She writes about science and health for a range of digital publications, including Reader's Digest, HealthCentral, Vice and Zocdoc.

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Things You'll Need. About the Author. Copyright Leaf Group Ltd.When you think of freezing, you likely think of your pipes, outdoor faucets and plants, but those cans of stored paint in your garage or shed can also freeze when the temperature dips. Freezing often ruins paint because it affects the consistency, making it unusable.

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But sometimes you can salvage that old can of frozen paint without any long-term effects on the consistency. Latex paint is most susceptible to freezing. Since it's water-based, the paint can freeze at 32 degrees Fahrenheit just like regular water. If you store your paint in an unheated garage or storage shed and you live in a cooler climate, there's a good chance the paint will reach temperatures below the freezing point during the winter months.

Oil-based paint doesn't freeze as easily, so you don't have to worry about it as much. When paint freezes, it can affect the emulsion of the paint. That means when it thaws, the consistency and texture may be ruined. However, sometimes the consistency is okay after thawing, especially if the paint hasn't frozen before. Check the paint before you use it to make sure you get quality results. Before you can determine if the consistency is off, you need to slowly thaw the paint.

The best way to do this is to bring the can inside at room temperature and wait. It's tempting to grab a hairdryer, space heater or another source of heat to speed up the process, but a gradual thaw is your best chance at salvaging the paint. This process may take several hours depending on how full the can of paint is. Put an old towel or several sheets of newspaper under the paint can to protect your floor.

Stir the paint well once it's completely thawed. You can also take the can to a paint store to be shaken. The first test is a visual check of the consistency of the paint.

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You might notice immediately that it's ruined. Frozen paint sometimes looks like cottage cheese after it thaws. You might also notice clumps in the paint or a stringy, ropey texture. If you don't notice anything obvious, inspect the paint a little closer to look for graininess. The next test is actually using the paint.

Grab a paintbrush and make a few passes on a piece of paper or a scrap piece of wood. Notice how well the paint goes on. Check the painted section to look for lumps, visible grains or other inconsistencies in the finish.

If everything seems normal, the paint should be fine to use on your project. It should have a consistent color and texture that's the same as it was before freezing. If anything is off, it's best to discard the paint. The way you store your paint can prevent future freezing so your leftover paint lasts longer.

Since latex paint freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, you need to keep the cans in a place that never gets that cold. Storage sheds and garages often fall below the freezing point if you live in a northern area. If your garage is climate-controlled, your paint should be fine stored there. Otherwise, bring your paint indoors to an area that's heated.The use of barn wood and reclaimed wood for home projects and decor has become incredibly popular over the past decade and shows no signs of changing in the near future.

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Before using reclaimed wood for your next project, there are steps that you should take to ensure the wood you are using has been completely rid of bugs. Below are steps that you can take to ensure the wood you are putting into your home is bug free!

For additional information on what you need to check your reclaimed wood for before putting in your home, please check out my article here. There are many types of bugs that can live in your reclaimed wood that you need to be mindful of. Below are the most common along with signs that you have some in your wood. Termites — This is the insect most people think of when you mention having wood damage caused by an insect. There are well over 2, different types of termites, and interestingly, each specifies has a different appetite for what they like to feed on.

Fortunately, there are signs that you can look on your reclaimed wood to see if there are any indicators that termites are already present. Some of those signs include:. Symptoms of these insects are very much the same as the termites. To see if the wood has infestation, look to see if there are wings present on the wood. In addition, the ants will create tunnels within the wood to travel. They prefer moist wood, especially if mold has already begun growing on it. Beetles — These insects may be the least likely to come to mind when thinking about bugs that could be living in the reclaimed wood that you just purchased.

There are many types of beetles and each type of beetle is attracted to different types of wood. In fact, some beetles are attracted only to the sapwood of hardwood lumbers. The concerning thing with beetles is that they can remain dormant inside of your wood for up to 10 years before hatching!

One of the easiest ways to determine if the wood you have could contain Powderpost Beetles, is by looking for tiny holes spread throughout the wood. When females are ready to lay their eggs, they chew tunnels into the wood in order to lay their eggs.Bees die. But spring is the season of renewal. Bees need us. First, remove the dead hive from the bee yard as soon as practical. Unprotected, any honey is an invitation for robbing by assorted wild critters and other hives. Moisture will also likely build up inside the hive, encouraging mold.

Second, try to determine the cause, as that will define what you can do with what the deceased colony left behind. Roger Hoopingarner of Michigan State University, notes that most hives die from Varroa or starvation. Thus, reusing those resources stores and drawn wax is generally no problem. Brush off the dead bees, rap the frame the flat way to dislodge some stuck in the cells, and protect the wax from wax moths until they can be reused. These drawn frames are ideal for starting nuc colonies from strong colonies that survived, or for welcoming a new package.

A colony that died from AFB requires burning it all, although the hive bodies and major components may be singed with a blow torch to destroy spores.

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With Nosema it may be easier to burn it all, or, depending upon the extent of the damage, treat with the cleaning solution noted. Mold, unless it is black mold, may be wiped off the frames and capped honey. Give any hard surfaces a good scrubbing, with maybe a little extra salt in the mixture. Air them out well and then freeze, saving as much comb as much as possible.

The comb, honey and frames may be used in the hive again. Bees will clean up a bit of mold, although by doing it for them they can focus their talents elsewhere, like pollination. If it is black mold, remove and trash the foundation or melt for other uses. Clean the frames thoroughly, air out, freeze, and reuse.

Wax moths may extensively damage the hive and comb, and it may be simpler to burn and start again. If the infestation is minor, remove larvae, clean out all webs, and freeze everything to kill all stages of the wax moth. Then we brought them in the basement of our house for the winter. We did not do the freezer idea but there was no sign of wax moths.

We plan on buying new bees and queens early in the spring. Every hive we had was from a harvested swarm. We live in painesville Ohio Do you know when and where we should purchase our new bees??????? My name isJohn we have also lost two haves in Thompson oh want to know how to clean everything to get ready for new bees.

If you can help please give me a call My three hives died over the winter and left their deeps full of capped honey. Can I harvest this honey? I had a dead hive that got robbed and I was left with frames of chewed up comb.

How Long You Can Freeze Everything, In One Chart

Should I just toss this or will a replacement nuc be able to use this and rebuild it assuming it is not diseased. Lost most of our hive due to neighbor hive robbing at fall time. Then hive was too small to survive winter and froze. Was thinking of trying the saskatraz bees.

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Live in Southern Indiana.During these challenging times, we guarantee we will work tirelessly to support you. We will continue to give you accurate and timely information throughout the crisis, and we will deliver on our mission — to help everyone in the world learn how to do anything — no matter what.

freezing reclaim

Thank you to our community and to all of our readers who are working to aid others in this time of crisis, and to all of those who are making personal sacrifices for the good of their communities. We will get through this together. This wikiHow teaches you how to restore some life to a laptop computer battery.

While you can do a few things to boost your battery's lifespan, computer batteries must be replaced every 2 to 3 years for optimal performance.

Also keep in mind that if your laptop has a lithium battery, freezing it or repeatedly discharging it completely will damage the battery further. Spike Baron. You can easily replace a dead laptop battery.

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To revive a laptop battery that isn't holding its charge, start by unplugging your laptop so it's not charging. Then, leave it on until the battery is fully drained. Next, let your laptop sit, unplugged, for at least 3 hours to ensure it's fully dead. Finally, plug it back in, and let it charge for at least 48 hours without a break, which should improve its overall battery life. To learn how to revive a non-lithium laptop battery that won't charge, read on! Did this summary help you? Yes No.

Log in Facebook Loading Google Loading Civic Loading No account yet? Create an account. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy.Ross Lynch fires pucks all over the place as he teaches Jay how to be a hockey goalie in the "Special Skills" season finale. Watch the video. A fading Hollywood pretty-boy gets taken and brutalized in Louisiana by two local men with his total ruination at heart.

A former race car driver is abducted by a mysterious thief and forced to be the wheel-man for a crime that puts them both in the sights of the cops and the mob.

When his daughter is kidnapped, a retired assassin is drawn back into the life he gave up. To rescue her, he must confront his former rival. An obsessed cop is on the trail of a serial killer prowling the streets of Buffalo, N. A criminal bides his time at a seedy motel, waiting for his boss after killing several men and making away with a mystery bag.

Bags are dropped from a plane followed by a man in parachute. The 3 find the bags with USD8, The couple wants it and Victor splits, wanting to stay alive, out of prison. When the son of an African American judge is murdered in a routine pull-over gone wrong, Judge Charles Coleman takes the law into his own hands to ensure justice is had when the two cops walk free.

The AI supercomputer, Kronos, considers humans the biggest threat to Earth. A century later, few humans are left. Calia seeks the last human stronghold as does Kronos. A couple moves to an isolated, modern, safe apartment building with CCTV after the wife has problems with nightmares.

However, something's not quite right with the building. Pressured by his deceased mother's ghost to return home to the family he abandoned, a former addict grabs a bag of pills and a sack of marijuana and hits the road to Louisiana. Chicago artists couple Steven and Shannon travel to Puerto Rico to complete the adoption of Haiti earthquake orphan Nina. They start bonding in a hotel and later resort waiting for the travel documents, but the trauma of a car accident rendering her infertile is rekindled by their weird neighbors, headed by NGO veteran Benjamin and feisty henchman Salo, who picks an even weirder bar fight to beat up staged-drunk Steven.

Shortly after, Nina disappears and the San Juan police superintendent concludes it's a scam by a fake adoption agency. While the couple keeps looking desperately for cahoot Nina, Benjamin prepares an even crueler chapter, which bodes ill for all adults.

Written by KGF Vissers. Steven Ryan Phillippe and wife Shannon Rachelle Lefevre get caught up in a child trafficking scam when they go to Puerto Rico to adopt a young girl. The above is all you really need to know. If you take the language out this would be a tepid made-for-TV movie. The script is lame, the acting is okay but there is no pull here. In other words no real reason to continue watching. There are no twists.

What you see is what you get and that is not saying much. If you are not familiar with human trafficking then this is a primer for you: Human Trafficking


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